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We help our clients through the annulment process by explaining to them clearly all the steps. We understand that the process can be emotionally challenging, so it is important that proper legal advice and guidance are given. Thankfully, our clients have always been pleased with our service:

“Excellent and highly professional legal support given by the entire team” S. Samuel, 

The Procedure

An annulment is a declaration by the court that a marriage was not legally valid or had become legally invalid. Its effect is to dissolve a marriage, declaring it null and void. Annulment proceedings must take place within 3 years of the marriage. The statutory provision for annulment is found in Sec 104 of the Women’s Charter. The legal term used is “judgment of nullity in respect of his or her marriage”.

What are the grounds for annulling a marriage?

Some grounds include:

  • When either party was already married at the time of marriage
  • When either party did not or was not able to give valid consent to the marriage
  • When another man impregnates the spouse
  • When there is proof that the spouse was suffering from a sexually transmitted disease prior to the marriage
  • When either spouse becomes mentally ill to a point that he/she is not fit for marriage
  • When either spouse intentionally refuses to consummate the marriage
  • When the marriage cannot be consummated due to incapacity
  • When the marriage was solemnised between two people of incestuous relationship
  • When the marriage was solemnised between persons of the same gender

The above are non-exhaustive grounds for annulment of marriage. They are only valid grounds if the other spouse had no knowledge of the above prior to the marriage. Otherwise, the application for annulment will be invalidated

What happens if the annulment is successful?

If the Plaintiff succeeds in proving that the marriage is annullable, the Courts will then grant a Judgment of Nullity to dissolve the marriage.

However, any child that is born in the marriage prior to annulment is still considered a legitimate child.

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