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When a husband and wife cannot agree on any of the terms of the divorce, it will be considered a contested divorce. All it takes is just one disagreed issue; such as the custody of children or division of matrimonial assets for the couple to be subjected to lengthy trial proceedings which can be arduous and daunting.


At Ray Louis Law, we understand that contested divorce can be confusing as the process are different from an uncontested divorce. Hence, we aim to help you understand the legal requirements to obtain a divorce and walk you step by step through the court procedures to guarantee that you are dealt with fairly and justly. In the event that you wish to minimise communications with the other party, you will be assured that we will take care of the communication as we act on your behalf. Hence, you can have some peace of mind that our experts are working in your best interest.


A contested divorce will take a longer time as compared to an uncontested divorce. Aside from the length of the divorce proceedings, another difference between contested and uncontested divorce would be that both parties would need to file more extensive cause papers and the parties will be subjected to Mediation and Counselling. During the mediation sessions, you can have the flexibility to instruct us to act on your behalf in lieu of your attendance.


It is worth noting that at all times, the spirit of the court is still the same; the court encourages agreement to be reached at any stage of the divorce proceedings, albeit that the route of a contested divorce has started. Hence, having a lawyer will assist you with the communications between parties and give you clarity so you can make well-informed decisions.


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