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In the case of Twiss, Christopher James Hans v Twiss, Yvonne Prendergast [2015] SGCA 52, the Court of Appeal, in determining what would be a fair and equitable division of the matrimonial assets, followed the structured approach set out in ANJ v ANK [2015] SGCA 34, which comprises the following broad steps:

(a) Express as a ratio the parties’ direct contributions relative to each other, having regard to the amount of financial contribution each party made towards the acquisition or improvement of the matrimonial assets;

(b) Express as a second ratio the parties’ indirect contributions relative to each other, having regard to both financial and non-financial contributions; and

(c) Derive the parties’ overall contributions relative to each other by taking an average of the two ratios above, keeping in mind that, depending on the circumstances of each case, the direct and indirect contributions may not be accorded equal weight and one of the two ratios may be accorded more significance than the other

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