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In relation to divorce proceedings in Singapore, the High Court, in AEH v AEI [2015] SGHC 255, emphasized on the timelines  during which the Certificate of Final Judgment (Divorce) must be extracted.

Rule 96(3) of the Family Justice Rules 2014 states that:

96.—(1) An application by a party to make final an interim judgment pronounced in his favour may be made on any day after the expiration of the period fixed by the Court for making the judgment final. …

(3) An application referred to in paragraph (1) must not be made — (a) before the hearing of all applications for ancillary relief has been concluded at first instance, without the leave of the Court; or (b) after the expiration of one year from the date of the interim judgment or the expiration of 3 months from the date of the last hearing of an application for ancillary relief in the writ or defence and counterclaim (including the last hearing of any appeal), whichever is the later, without the leave of the Court.

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